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Dahlia Seeds – Mixed Bishop’s Children

Great for wildlife


Bred on and developed from Bishop of Llandaff. A fiery, mid-height dahlia mix in a range of striking colours, all enhanced by the rich bronze foliage. Stunning in borders. Great for pollinators.

Approx 50 seeds per packet.

In stock


Dahlia ‘Bishop’s Children’ seeds are bred on and developed from the renowned Bishop of Llandaff variety. This fiery mid-height dahlia mix boasts a range of striking colours, all complemented by the rich bronze foliage that characterizes the Bishop series.

With their vibrant hues set against the backdrop of deep bronze leaves, ‘Bishop’s Children’ Dahlias create a stunning display in borders, adding warmth and drama to any garden or landscape.


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Dahlia seeds are a very cheap way of producing masses of dahlias. Many are cross-pollinated so you will get an amazing array of colours throughout the year.

Sow in late Winter or early Spring in a greenhouse or propagator. We recommend sowing individually in pots or cell trays for best results.

Start as early as you can to ensure longer flowering during the mid-late Summer months.

Young plants are ready to plant outdoors in late May or as soon as the nights are warmer to flower this year.

Fill a pot or seed tray with moist compost and lightly firm the surface. Gently push your dahlia seeds into the compost. Don’t forget to label them! Cover them if you think mice or squirrels will get them.

If the temperature is right seedlings will germinate within a couple of weeks.

If you have sown the seeds into trays, now is the time to pot on into larger pots – we use 9cm square pots.

Now is the time to harden them off by keeping them outdoors during the day and brining them in at night for a few weeks.

Once the risk of frost has passed and most of the April & May showers have passed, you can plant them into their final positions.

Don’t be tempted to plant out too early, small plants are susceptible to frost and wet conditions along with slugs and mice

Don’t forget you can collect your own seeds in Autumn and store them over Winter for planting the next year.


Dahlia tuber season starts late Winter and finishes around May – these dates are just a guideline, we are very much dependent on the weather. In stock orders placed during these times will usually be dispatched within seven days of ordering. Pre-ordered items are usually dispatched from January onwards. You can order all year round however orders placed out of season will be delivered as soon as the season opens. You’ll get an email a few days before we deliver your tubers.

We may delay deliveries during extreme cold or hot weather.

Rooted Cuttings & Potted Plants

Rooted Dahlia cuttings will arrive a little later in the season, usually towards the end of May and only lasts about a month. The potted plants season lasts a little longer. It’s best to pre-order your rooted cuttings or potted plants as they go fast during the season. In season orders will usually be dispatched within 2 – 3 days of ordering. You can order all year round however orders placed out of season will be delivered as soon as the season opens. You’ll get an email a few days before we deliver your items.

Dahlia Seeds

You can order seeds all year round and we’ll generally post them within 2 -3 days except during extreme weather.