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Dahlia Families

Explore our comprehensive A-Z list of dahlia families, a delightful journey through one of the most diverse and colourful flower families.

Immerse yourself in a world of stunning colours, shapes, and sizes, all at your fingertips.


Boom Boom

The Dahlia ‘Boom Boom’ family is a group of dahlia varieties known for their distinctive, full, and rounded “ball” shaped blooms.

These dahlias are part of the Ball Dahlia group, characterised by their unique flower shape, which resembles a perfect sphere with tightly arranged petals.

Café au Lait


Fubuki dahlias are a captivating group of dahlias renowned for their unique and vividly contrasting colours.

These flowers are characterised by their large, striking blooms that often feature a dramatic blend of white and other bold colours, such as red or purple, creating a ‘fubuki’ effect, which translates to ‘blizzard’ in Japanese.

The petals typically exhibit a remarkable, almost painterly gradation of colour, ranging from a deep, saturated hue at the base to a brilliant white at the tips.



Hapet is a well-known dahlia breeder based in the Netherlands.

They are recognised for their expertise in breeding and cultivating dahlias, which are popular flowering plants known for their diverse and vibrant flower forms and colours.

Hapet has a reputation for producing high-quality dahlia varieties, and their work has contributed to the wide range of dahlia cultivars available to gardeners and enthusiasts.

Happy Days

Happy Days for happy gardens. Nearly black, dissected foliage makes the bright flowers really pop! With a well-branched habit, Happy Days Dahalis are ideal for containers and landscape applications.
A complete range of bright flower colours are a favourite among insects, especially bees.


Originally bred in the US by Ted (Ken) & Margaret Kennedy


The Jowey family of Dahlias are bred by Weyts Jozef from Flanders, Belgium – generally nice formed Pompom or Ball dahlias.

The “Jowey” before each dahlia name is the first two letters of his first name “Jo” combined with the first three letters of his last name “Wey.” He even hybridized his name.


Originally bred by Verwer Dahlias in the Netherlands founded by brothers Kees and Aad Verwer.




The Mingus family of Dahlias is a notable group in the world of horticulture, particularly known for their distinctive and high-quality dahlia varieties. These dahlias were developed by the Mingus family, who are recognized for their dedication to breeding and cultivating these flowers.

The Mingus family has developed a wide range of dahlia varieties, each known for its unique characteristics. These include variations in colour, size, and shape of the blooms. The family’s commitment to quality is evident in the robustness, vibrant colours, and overall health of the plants.



Generally streaked, medium sized decorative Dahlias.